The SIVA PRIMARY DICTIONARY has been specially written as a practical first dictionary for learners of English of all ages. It is easy to understand and give the help that learners need to use new vocabulary correctly.

  • Contains 7,000 entries from many school subjects including maths, science and history
  • Each word is explained clearly and simply, using only those words which a student will know at this level
  • Many example sentences are included to show how to use words correctly

Other Services – その他のサービス –

  • 40カ国語が学べる
  • 基本単語・日常会話を3ヶ国語対応(日本語・英語)で学べる
  • 基本単語約500語、日常会話約50フレーズをカテゴリー別、シーン別にイラスト付きで掲載
  • 音声データを掲載、カタカナ発音付きですぐ使える

Preposition, Adverb – 前置詞,副詞のイメージ –

Preposition – 前置詞のイメージ –

Adverb – 副詞のイメージ –

EIKEN – 英検 –

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