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What is cryptocurrency?
About NFTs .
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Cryptocurrency is digital money. They differ from conventional ones in two main ways.

Independence. Cryptocurrencies are not tied
to any existing currency, oil price, or any other assets.

Virtuality. Cryptocurrency exists only in the digital space,
stored in an electronic wallet.
Cryptocurrency has no Central Bank-type regulator. The only
issue of digital money is “mining” by users who run applications.
For using the resources (computer power) they are paid a certain amount of
virtual money. The more powerful the computer, the more “mining” there is.

To exchange the cryptocurrency for real money you can use the
virtual services, exchangers such as Qiwi. ATM exchangers have recently begun to work in Moscow.

What cryptocurrencies exist?
There are thousands of them. Yes, it all started with
bitcoin, which appeared in 2009. The boom in the popularity of digital coins began three or four years later.
And now there are about 300 kinds of cryptocurrencies traded on the
largest exchange.
Anyone advanced in technology, even a schoolboy, can write their own cryptocurrency.
And this is not a metaphor: tech-savvy schoolchildren really create their own cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies are written in much the
same way that programs are written.
The “ready-made” digital coin needs to be put on an exchange for users to buy it.
And preferably not just one exchange, but dozens: just like it is more
profitable for a farmer to supply milk to ten stores instead of
just one shop. And the more people buy your cryptocurrency
– the higher its rate will go up.
Why do you need cryptocurrency? What can I buy with it?
Cryptocurrencies are bought by people who hope to make good money
from their growth. For example, in 2014 bitcoin was worth $100,
and then for a long time was kept at a price no higher than $200, and now it is
worth more than $4.7 thousand.
Financiers call buying cryptocurrencies the riskiest, but also the
most profitable type of investment.

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