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    <br>Before getting into UK gambling exclusion details, let me start with some definitions, go over UK Gambling commission regulations, and then analyze in detail how to remove self-exclusion or at least how to play casino games again. mega88 is a great casino not on gamstop where you can have fun and play safe, even during your self-exclusion period.<br>
    <br>Gamstop is a UK non-profit company assigned by the UKGC to support problem gamblers in their fight with their addiction. The scheme is very strict with online casino operators based in the UK and regulated by the Gambling Commission, as it doesn’t allow them to accept players who have signed up to the program. The process of signing up is very simple, if you feel you have a gambling problem, I suggest you open their site, fill in your details as accurately as possible, and self-exclude yourself for some time. The period of self-exclusion depends on you but is limited to five years. <br>
    Why Gamstop Exist
    <br>Gamstop exists to protect vulnerable casino players from their actions and to help them stop playing online casinos within the UK. The program is very effective if imposed correctly, so please if you feel the urge to stop gambling on UK betting sites, fill in your details and you will no longer be able to play there.<br>
    <br>The company behind UK gambling exclusion scheme is called BeGambleAware, and it’s a non-profit organisation that relies on donations to help gamblers in the UK. The company also offers a very helpful tool that allows you to set limits on your gambling activity, so I suggest you check it out as well.<br>
    Can I Cancel Gamstop Early
    <br>No, the scheme cannot be canceled before its due date, and even after the due date it doesn’t cancel automatically and another 24 hours is a cooling-off period. On top of that when canceling the self-exclusion, you will be asked many questions about your gambling behavior and will be given another opportunity to stay on the scheme. All those measures explained above are to maximize Gamstop effectiveness. If however you have changed your mind and decided to try your luck playing slots then Mega88 casino is the best place to do it while on your exclusion.<br>
    Is Gamstop for Land-Based Casinos
    <br>No, it is only for UK online casinos, it doesn’t affect UK land-based casinos, so even if you have signed up you can still play on the high street. That being said, there are other schemes in the UK for land-based casinos, but we will look at them another time, for now, let’s focus on the online casino play. The reason that exclusion is primarily focused on online gambling consumption and its causes reduction in the playing time. As obsessive gambling is highly likely to happen online instead of in land-based casinos.<br>
    When Gamstop Expires
    <br>It will expire depending on your choice when signing up. When signing for the scheme you had three options 6 months, 2 years, and 5 years, so just have a look at your account and it shows what have you signed up for. As I said earlier the exclusion cannot be canceled early because that will jeopardize the whole point of it. Further in the article, I will explain in detail how to cancel gamstop self exclusion and to play casino games in every UK gambling operator.<br>
    Can I Cancel Gamstop Before the Expiration
    <br>No, you cannot cancel Gamstop before your self-exclusion period expires. That is to protect you and to serve as a cooling-off period when you feel the urge to gamble. If however you change your mind and you are sure you want to play online casinos again, you can simply open one of the non gamban casinos. As it restricts users from gambling for a specific period, their only option is to use non gamstop sites based outside the United Kingdom.<br>
    What are the Best Casinos Not on Gamstop
    <br>The best casino outside Gamstop is Mega88 as it offers lightning-fast withdrawals, crypto deposits, voucher deposits with cards and Paypal and many slot providers, and most importantly no proof of verification so you can play as much as you want during your self-exclusion. Don’t forget that to open all slot games you need to use VPN.<br>

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